We Launched This Book!

On Sunday, November 6, 2022, at 7 pm EST, we held a launch celebration event. Videos are now available!

Picture of cover of book "An Invitation to Quaker Eldering"


Elaine Emily

Elaine Emily was concerned about spiritual nurture even before she became a Quaker. As a life long seeker, she discovered Quakers in the mid-1980s. She encountered the gifts of healing and eldering among Quakers in the early 1990s. These twin concerns have shaped her life for the past three decades. She has a spiritual direction practice.

Mary Kay Glazer

Mary Kay Glazer attended Elaine Emily’s first eldering workshop at Powell House in the mid-2000s. Shortly after that, Elaine invited her to be part of a group of five elders meeting at her home for a long weekend to share their eldering stories. That was the start of her conscious and intentional eldering journey, which has been a joy. She has been active with Quakers since around 1989 and participated in The School of the Spirit’s “On Being a Spiritual Nurturer” in 2004-2006. She is currently a member of Rich Square Monthly Meeting, NCYM-C, and the Greenville NC Friends Worship Group.

Bruce Neumann

Bruce Neumann is a member of Fresh Pond Meeting in Cambridge, Mass. He participated in the School of the Spirit’s “On being a Spiritual Nurturer" program in 2009-2011. In addition to several terms of service as clerk of Fresh Pond, he has served multiple roles in New England Yearly Meeting, most recently as Presiding Clerk from 2019-2022. He has long held a concern for the practice of eldering, in particular recognizing what we lose when Friends don’t live into that role. Bruce is excited about the conversations this book is likely to generate.

Janet Gibian Hough

Janet Gibian Hough came to know Elaine and Mary Kay through the eldering workshops Elaine led for New York Quakers. Janet went on to become an active grounding presence for NYYM Meetings for Discernment and at NYYM Sessions. She moved to Maine in 2011, where she continues to weave learnings from decades of Quaker life on three continents into her time with Friends. Working on this book confirmed to Janet that she is a “quirky” elder, not quite fitting into any of the standard eldering molds, but then, perhaps no one does.

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